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Term & Conditions

All design fees must be paid in full before design is started and all printing fees must be paid in full before products are sent to print. An email confirmation is also required to confirm it's okay to print any given product. ALL CORRECTIONS FOR DESIGN ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY EMAIL OR IN WRITING

Prices valid for 30 days from date on your quote. The fees quoted are for the original job description as presented by the Client. Any subsequent changes, whether made orally or in writing, may result in additional charges. The accompanying quote is a good faith estimate of the time and expenses Lyfe Rocks anticipates. The Client understands and agrees that Lyfe Rocks will bill for actual time and expenses incurred, which may be greater than that which was quoted. Any labor required over the quoted amount and all communications, travel, or meetings will be billed at $80 per hour. 

New design proofs are presented within 5 business days (Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.) of receiving all project information and deposit. Edits are made within 3 business days of receiving feedback. Printing has a minimum 6–8 business day turnaround time.  

Pending Lyfe Rocks schedule, design services may be rushed for an additional fee. An increase of 25% our quoted hourly rate is charged for proofs within 3 business days. An increase of 50% is charged for proofs within 1 business day or if work is required outside of normal business days and/or hours (Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.). Printing may not always be able to be rushed but we will work with our printers to accommodate your needs as best we can.  


Read your proof carefully. Review all names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and other important information. Lyfe Rocks is not responsible for errors found after the artwork has been approved; accuracy of the information is the Client's responsibility. Refunds or discounts will not be given due to errors found on Client-approved artwork. Clients are allotted three (3) changes to the design work that they requested for that print order only. After using their 3 changes, clients will be charged $25.00 for additional changes. All products designed and printed by us will be tagged with the Lyfe Rocks Logo. If you do not want a tag it will cost $25. Payment in full is due prior to any order(s) going to print. Due to our gang run printing process of flyers the EXACT COLOR and Flyer CUTS cannot be guaranteed.

Due to differences in monitor and printer calibration, the color of the printed piece may vary from what you see on screen or what prints on your printer. If you are concerned, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you to see a press proof before printing.  

Purchase of stock photography is additional. All purchases will require written authorization. All stock purchases are licensed solely Lyfe Rocks use. Use on materials not designed by Lyfe Rocks is prohibited.  

Quality and usage licensing of supplied art is the responsibility of the Client.  


If the native InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator files are requested, there will be an artwork release fee of 25% the total design or a minimum of $500. The original artwork remains copyrighted to Lyfe Rocks.  

Grant of any reproduction rights to the Client is conditioned upon receipt of payment in full Lyfe Rocks shall reserve all rights not expressly granted. The designs, original artwork, electronic proofs, print-ready PDFs, and all other files created by Lyfe Rocks are protected by Federal Copyright Law and may not be reproduced, manipulated, re-worked for other purposes, edited, submitted to any contests, or shared in any manner without our explicitly written permission. We retain the right to make reproductions for our portfolio, samples, self-promotion, professional competition and review, and website even if the artwork release has been purchased.  

All websites will include a small "Designed by Lyfe Rocks" note in the footer with a link to our website unless removal is specifically requested by the Client. While all website design is done by Lyfe Rocks programming services may be delegated to another firm or independent contractor. In such a case, you agree not to hire, delegate, engage, employ, retain, secure the services of, contract with, or enlist the services of the firm or independent contractor for a period of 5 years following the date on this contract. 


All orders are subject to cancellation fees: 100% design fee for any work that has been done; 100% design plus 15% of the total printing price if the job has been sent to print but not yet printed; 100% of the invoice amount if the job has already printed. Jobs placed on hold for over 30 days will be considered cancelled and cancellation fees will apply. If you choose to reopen the order within 30 days from the invoice date showing cancellation, the applicable fees will be credited to the completion of your reopened projects. 

A retainer of 50% of the anticipated fee is required to initiate the order. Final payment must be received by Lyfe Rocks before production. A late fee of $25 or 1% total invoice amount (whichever is greater) will be applied on the first day of each week past 30 days from invoice date. If a check has not been received by the due date but it has been mailed, you are responsible to pay all late fees within 1 week. If the late fee has not been received within 1 week, further late fees will accrue Lyfe Rocks is not responsible for payments claimed to be lost in the mail, sent to the wrong address, or otherwise not received. You will be charged for any bank fees due to bounced checks plus $80 and will be responsible for late fees accrued over the time that the check was in the banking system. bv After 60 days of non-payment, the invoice will be forwarded to a collections agency, which will report the debt to creditors.  

All sales are final. A 6-month credit will be offered for any over payments due to a change of initial project scope.  

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